Melanoma March

Melanoma Cancer affects young Australians more so than any other cancer.

Current research states that too many young people are dying unnecessarily! We need to do something about it now.

Melanoma March is a chance for us to remember those we have lost to Melanoma Cancer, support our dedicated researchers, and inspire all Australians to take action against Melanoma and be part of a cure.

- Australia has around 12,500 new cases of Melanoma Cancer diagnosed annually
- Melanoma Cancer kills 1,500 Australians a year

Continue its growth by participating and REGISTER NOW for:

"Melanoma March 2014"

Past Success

In March 2013, 2400 people came together and took action against Melanoma.

Through participation and generous donations the communities raised over $200,000 allowing CONTINUATION OF vital research to find a cure

For Melanoma March 2014, let's have a dramatic increase in registered participants and participating MELANOMA MARCH sites across Australia for Melanoma March 2014. Read More >

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MELANOMA March locations 2013 were held across 6 sites in NSW and QLD:

- Manly Beach
- Bathurst
- Rainbow Beach, Bonny Hills
- Gosford, Central Coast
- Uralla (near Armidale)
- Townsville
For all details please contact the Melanoma Institute.
My MELANOMA March Experience

In 2013, my three sisters and I were joined by friends and participated by marching for a cure in Manly, Sydney, NSW. Read More >

This Melanoma March 2013 event provided a special opportunity for all my family to remember and speak of Tess with pride by sharing memories of her and expressing our loss as we walked and talked to others on the march. Others shared their experiences. Tess would be so delighted in this event and its health, fit proactive way of raising awareness and welcoming everyone.

I look forward to marching in 2014, celebrating the success of Cycling to March with raising money critical for finding a cure and to know that participation has increased and will continue to do so around Australia.

Know the Melanoma Institute's "Sun 5 Strategy"
Early Detection

The importance of early Melanoma detection cannot be overstated! When Melanoma is found and treated early, the chances for long-term survival are excellent and increase significantly. Read More >

Know how you can play a vital role in early detection of Melanoma:

- Self skin exanimations- The first sign of Melanoma is often a change in the size, shape, or colour of an existing mole or the appearance of a new mole.
- An annual skin cancer examination available at your local GP or by
contacting the Melanoma Institute.

Skin Check Awareness Effort

This is Beard

My friend Scott lost a good mate in 2009 from Melanoma Cancer.

Since then Scott has been growing a beard in an effort to spread the word about how important it is for skin awareness and prevention.

It is efforts such as Scotts that will further help people recognise that Melanoma is one of Australia's deadliest cancers and, without doubt, does affect young Australians.

What happens with Funds Raised?

Donating is the single most powerful thing you can do to help in the fight against Melanoma. Funds raised for Melanoma March DO NOT pay administration fees but support Australian researchers seeking to find a cure.

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